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Mey Rahungi - I will remain | Official Selection CFF 2018

Mey Rahungi (I will remain) | by Shamoon Abbasi | Nominee Best Short Film | Best Screenplay | Best Indie Film | Best Director | Best Cinematographer | From Pakistan #Crossoverfilmfest | www.crossoverfilmfest.com | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NU5ZXwnoUsY

Mey Rahungi (I will remain) is a short film based on the empowerment of women and their strength to confront any thing in life that comes the hard way. A thriller based on the web series #6dapak directed and written by Shamoon Abbasi amd produced by Sherry shah. MEY RAHUNGI is a project that elevates the spectacular braveness in women living in Pakistan.


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