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Crossover Film Fest 2018 Crossover Awards

And The Award Goes to...

We are thrilled to announce the recipients of the CFF 2018 Crossover Awards.

2018 Awards: About

2018 Crossover Awards

A heart-felt congratulations to all the final films and their teams for receiving the Crossover Awards at the 1st Crossover Film Fest.

insta awards fenced.jpg
insta awards budh.jpg
insta awards paynes find.jpg

Best Film of The Year | Best Producer | Actor of The Year | Production Design | Best DOP | Fenced

Best Short Film | Foreign | Best Director | Best Actress | Best Film Editor | Original Song | Bud

Best Short Film | English | Best Director | Best Cinematography | Actor | Sound Design | Paynes Find

2018 Awards: News
insta awards katran.jpg
insta awards self defense.jpg
insta awards mey rahungi.jpg

Best Debut Director | Foreign | Best Screenplay | Best Supporting Actress | Best Lead Actor | Katran

Best Indie Film | English | Best Indie Director | Best Indie Writer | Self Defense

Best Indie Film | Foreign | Best Action Director | Best Lead Actress | Supporting Role | Mey Rahungi

2018 Awards: News
insta awards hear me.jpg
insta awards maa mother.jpg
insta awards my village bells.jpg

Best Debut Director | Best Actor in a Film | Best Original Composer | Hear Me

Best Indie Director | Foreign | Best Producer | Actress of the Year | Best Score | Maa Mother

Best Original Screenplay | Best Lead | Best Supporting Role | The Jury Award | My Village Bells

2018 Awards: News
insta awards bird and the whale.jpg
insta awards velo.jpg
insta awards mommy.jpg

Best Animated Film | Best Writer | Best Producer of An Animated Film

Best Original Song | Original Sound Design | Best Editor | Animated Film | Velo

Best Lead Role by An Actress | Rising Star Director | Mommy |

2018 Awards: News
insta awards blind dreams.jpg
insta awards the silent good.jpg
insta awards the mush hole.jpg

The LFX Award | “Exemplary work of art that crosses boundaries and breaks down barriers” | Blind Dreams

The Crossover Award | “Groundbreaking Initiative that has a positive impact on a society” | The Silent Good

Best Documentary Film | The Mush Hole

2018 Awards: News
insta awards iny.jpg
insta awards ffh.jpg
insta awards th.jpg

Best Written Concept Film | Irony

Audience Choice Award | Far From Home

Best Foreign Short Film | The Hope

2018 Awards: News
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2018 Awards: About
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