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Best Film of The Year | Best Producer | Actor of The Year | Production Design | Best DOP | Fenced

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Best Film of The Year

- Rodrigo Zan and Maria Quintana Barbosa for Fenced


Best Producer of an English Film

- Maria Quintana Barbosa and Vatsa Barot for Fenced


Best Supporting Role by An Actress in an English Film

- Kriss Dozal for Fenced


Best Actor of The Year

- Victor Patrick Alvarez for Fenced


Best Production Designer

- Nikki Bohm for Fenced


Best Director of Photography

- Maria Quintana Barbosa for Fenced


After the detention of a trailer truck carrying illegal immigrants goes wrong, a border patrol officer opens fire and ends up killing a little child. The officer will have to decide between his duty or the chance to help the mother that wants to say goodbye to her child.


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