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CFF 2019

CFF 2019

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Crossover Film Fest

Film is our medium to communicate


OCT 4 2019 FRIDAY 12 TO 6 PM

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Crossover Film fest

About CFF

An "open" platform

Crossover Film Festival is an on-the-ground film launch pad for the current and the next generation filmmakers, actors and artists to showcase their creative abilities in front of a theater based live audience, offline and online, in America, and across the world. We are starting from Woodbridge Virginia. 

CFF is building bridges of understanding

using film as the medium to communicate and connect artists with new audiences.

There are many filmmakers struggling to get their own products out in the free market, but the game is rigged and controlled by a few decision makers. It needs decentralization of ideas and execution where making money is not the prime objective but telling a good story is. This is why a filmmaker and his team put their lives on the line to get the story out. Not because of wanting to strike it rich but because the story is worth telling.

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Films on critical issues

A fun and relaxed Sunday evening at the movies with shorts and features and industry professionals and films that will leave you thinking.

Talks that create impact

Listen to the speakers, interact with the directors, engage with the crowd, strike conversations with the artists.

Audience at a Concert
Giving a Speech


Learn the art of filmmaking and visual story telling with people who are doing it hands-on everyday. Workshops will begin starting 2019

Large Theatre

The Program

Don’t Miss a Beat

CFF 2018 Official Screening line up |

Session 1 - (Back to back) CFF FILMATHON - No Q and A

11:45 to 12:00 pm

Doors Open

12:00 to 12:10

Opening Crossover Film Fest

12:10 to 1:30 pm

Opening films :

TRT Total Runtime 80 mins = 1 hour 20 mins

Break for 15 mins - Food and drinks from Moe's Southern Grill and Dixie's Bones

Session 2 - (Back to back) CFF FILMS with short Q and A at the end of session

1:45 to 2:55 pm

TRT Total Runtime 70 mins = 1 hour 10 mins

Session 3 - (Back to back) CFF FILMS with no Q and A

2:55 to 3:55 pm

TRT Total Runtime 62 mins = 1 hour 2 mins

Session 4 - (Back to back) CFF FILMS with Q and A at the end of session

3:55 to 5:48 pm

TRT Total Runtime 108 mins = 1 hour 48 mins

5:48 to 6:18 pm

Q and A session 30 minutes

6:20 pm Closing remarks

6:25 pm The End

More Details Here