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End of The Line

We tried, we almost made it, but then we went broke, and we failed. Despite sincere efforts we could not secure the funding that is needed to execute the 2nd festival. We promised we will not charge the filmmakers nor the audience and we will stick to that promise.

We met many cool filmmakers and savvy audience along the way, now it's time to part our ways. The founding funds have been exhausted and there is no way to move forward on this.

With this in mind we say farewell from here and wish you all the best with your films and your careers as filmmakers no matter where you are on this earth of God. Maybe we meet again.

As for the audience, they are not interested in clean films anymore, they want more violence, fantasy, make-believe, chaos, fake-news and lewdness. We cannot and will not provide that.

We hope that the quest to provide the truth and support films that talk about real-life-issues will become a part of your reality someday.


Team CFF

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