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Best Indie Director | Best Producer | Actress of the Year | Best Score | Maa Mother | Foreign Film

Best Indie Director in a Foreign Language

- Parichhed Sen for Maa - Mother


Best Producer of a Foreign Film

- Basanti Devi Shrestha & Prakash Puri for Maa - Mother


Best Actress of The Year

- Aspani Gurung for Maa - Mother


Best Original Score

- Jeshan Kunwar for Maa - Mother


"Maa" known in Nepal by various names such as Aama , Mata, Muwa, Mummy, Maamu, Ammi, Maai, Maaya and in English is known as "Mother". Mother is synonymous to Warmth, Tenderness and Endearment. Mother bears all the pain in the world to give all the happiness of the world to her children. Mothers are the ones who have been maintaining the universal cycle by giving birth to their off springs. As the earth holds the human race in its shoulders, Mother holds her children in her heart through her life. Our film Maa revolves around the story of a mother who puts her children in her shoulder and who later on faces hatred and resentment from her own blood. The elderly Mother needs a pair of slipper after her pair is ruined. The son needs a pair of new shoes that would match his new suit for his friend's wedding. The inter relationship between mother's necessity and son's happiness is the core of this film. In the story, we see different facets of a mother life's while also observing the difficult livelihood of a mother living in Laprak, Gorkha.

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