Missing - Debut Music Video on MTV Artists                                        


Using Music to provoke thought and produce action. "Missing", the debut music video from The House The Old is a step toward starting a serious conversation about violence against women and children prevailing in our societies. As we fail to stand up against it every day, someone somewhere is hurting a woman and that someone could be in the form of a loving partner,

a father, a brother, a friend, a husband or even a son. Most women in almost all cultures of the world get critically injured or

even killed, by the ones they love.


Missing is a story of such a girl. Always trusting the wrong person in exchange for a little attention and care but ends up getting physically and psychologically estranged. The second time around, she learns to say NO to any kind of violence against her

in the name of love.







































Starring Elissa Rowe, Adam Suzuki, Scott Lambert and Imran Siddiqui.

Missing Video Directed by Alex Henderson Alexanderthetitan.

Missing written and sung by Imran Siddiqui. Music produced by Marco Delmar.

Electric Guitars by Marco Delmar. Barry Warsaw on Bass Guitar. Mark Reiter on Drums. Audio Engineers Stephanie Milne and Ken Barnum. Recorded at Recording Arts Studios in Washington DC.


Mixed by Steve Corrao at Sage Audio in Nashville Tennessee.

Written in Baguio. Composed in D.C. Produced in Virginia.

Filmed in Los Angeles.

Mastered in Nashville.

A Global Crossover Release 


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