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"Missing" official selection Richmond international Film Festival  March 3 - 6 2016

The House The Old D.C Rock band

"Missing" official selection Lake Erie Arts and Film Festival  September 17 - 20 2015

The House The Old featured in Jamsphere Magazine

The House The Old brings raw energy, passion, and excitement to their compositions!

Posted By: Rick Jamm  Posted date: February 27, 2015  in: News


The House The Old achieves something most bands wished they could…they just play rock music with meaning. There’s no turntables, no orchestral arrangements, no choirs in the background, just guitars, vocals, bass and drums. Simple, but that doesn’t make them any less powerful to listen to though!


They bring elements of alternative rock and some grunge into a volatile mixture that will certainly please most rock fans. Vocalist-guitarist Imran Siddiqui, bassist Barry Warsaw, and drummer Mark Reiter, as well as Producer and guitarist Marco Delmar, all boast some nifty skills as musicians, but they’re not trying to be just exquisitely technical or intricately complex.

They are here to rock their hearts out and get some serious messages across, and certainly the songs they have on display are pure evidence of that fact.


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Get up - THTO.jpg
Get Up Get On

February 17 2015 - Global Crossover - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 


It's round 4 for The House The Old. THTO is back with a powerful hard rock single that talks about making the best of the time you have left on this earth. This is THTO. Enjoy the ride.


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Missing - Debut Video - ON MTV ARTISTS
The House The Old - Press Release

Dawn Reece Sep 2014




September 20 2014


Utilizing art to provoke thought and action. "Missing", the debut music video from The House The Old is a step toward starting a serious conversation about violence against women and children prevailing in our societies.


As we fail to stand up against it every day, most women in almost all cultures of the world are getting either critically injured or even killed, by the ones they love. Either in the shape of a loving partner, a father, a brother, a friend, a husband or a son. Missing is a story of such a girl, who always trusted the wrong person and ended up getting physically and psychologically hurt. But the second time around, she learned how to say NO.


Starring Elissa Rowe, Adam Suzuki, Scott Lambert and Imran Siddiqui. 
Directed by Alex Henderson Alexanderthetitan.



Missing - Debut Single - The House The Old - Pre Release

July 2014




July 20 2014


The House The Old, featuring the works of singer/songwriter Imran Siddiqui and Producer Marco Delmar with a talented cast of musicians bring us Missing, the powerful debut single of The House The Old launching on August 14 2014. 


Missing, the debut song, along with the official video, directed by Los Angeles based director Alexander The Titan, aim to raise awareness about Violence Against Women and Children in America and around the world.



Stay tuned for more on dates and times and a comprehensive history of this inspirational sound, The House The Old.

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