Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Rawaa'n - Directed by Ikram Khan | LFX Original

When the world around them is ending, they find their new beginning.

The film Rawaa'n is a story of an apocalyptic journey of two individuals who came together under a common threat, which leads them to go on a journey which brings them to face their demons and gives them a fresh perspective to see things.

Director : Ikram Khan Assistant director: Asad Masood Writer : Ikram Khan Cinematographer : Shahroz Haider Sound: Bushra sultan Editor: Ikram Khan

The Take Away

Rawaa'n is one of those films that pull you in slowly but smoothly while weaving a subtle web of intrigue as the story moves forward leading into its final unfolding. Even though the world, as they know it, is about to come to an end. In simple words, if you stop the film after the first few minutes, you will miss out on the lesson this film is trying to send.

Sometimes you think that everything is fine, or will get better, and then suddenly, everything changes, and it's all gone. Make the best of what you got.

The Team at work in the rugged mountains of Baluchistan

Director Ikram Khan

Ikram khan is a filmmaker from Quetta, Balochistan. He graduated from National College of Arts Lahore, in Bachelors of film and television, and soon after that he started working as a freelance cinematographer and director. After working on several projects, he then went on doing the cinematography for a mini tv series under the direction of Sarmad Khoosat, the series then aired on ARY digital TV and was well received critically. He is also working as a videographer at Patari, a music streaming app working for the music industry of Pakistan.

Find out more about ikram Khan and his films and photography -

Warrior of Time

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