LFXTV | LINGOFLIX is an on-demand FILM and TV network that is building a next generation platform for Multilingual films available to view 24/7 on an easy monthly subscription that in return supports the filmmakers by giving back from the revenue generated through the subscription fees.


Enjoy unlimited viewing of programing that seeks the Truth, short films, true to life stories, music videos and documentary films that leave you thinking. Watch it all direct from your tablets, phones, desktops, laptops or any other digital device.


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LFXTV is supporting the visionary mind, some known but most undiscovered, the unknown, the emerging artists and filmmakers, producers and directors of bilingual content, allowing them to directly connect with their respective language based audience around the world, 24 hours a day.


As LFX moves forward together with the Crossover Film Festival more short films, feature films, sitcoms, drama series, magazine shows, documentaries, comedy shows and kids shows will be added in progression including original programing from LFX Network.


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LFXTV LINGOFLIX is an on-demand FILM and TV network building the next-generation platform for bilingual original programing showcasing films, stories, shows, music, talk and documentaries.