“Maa” Mother is a short film that revolves around a mother who carries her children over her shoulders only to later receive hatred and resentment from them.

Written and Directed by - Parichhed Sen

Produced by - Prakash Puri & Basanti Shrestha Sen

“Maa” or a Mother in Nepal is known by various names such as Aama , Mata, Muwa, Mummy, Maamu, Ammi, Maai, Maaya. The word Mother is synonymous with warmth, tenderness and love that has no price tag.

A Mother bears all the pain in the world to give all the happiness of the world to her children. Mothers are the ones helping to maintaining the cycle by giving birth to the next generation. As the earth holds the human race over her shoulders, a Mother holds her children in her heart through out her life.

The elderly Mother in this short film needs a pair of slippers after her pair is ruined.

The son needs a pair of new shoes that would match his new suit for his friend’s wedding. The inter-relationship between mother’s necessity and son’s happiness is the core of this film. In the story, we see different facets of a mother's life while also observing the difficulty of earning a livelihood for a mother living in Laprak, Gorkha.

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Kantipur Film Academy, infuse picture, Neet Jee entertainment, A Parichhed Sen film

Writer & Director - Parichhed Sen

Producer - Prakash Puri & Basanti Shrestha Sen

Director of photography - Tenzin Palden

VFX / Editor - Subigya Sundhar Shrestha

Color – Kapil Parajuli Music – Jeshon Kunwar

Sound designer & 5.1 Mixing – Mukesh Shah

Assistant directors - Anil Kandel, Raj Thapa, Shusant Krishna Shresth.

Cast - Aspani Gurung - Mother Raj Gurung - Son Rupa Gurung - Buhari Jeshan Gurung – Ram Dil Bahadur Gurung – Shop holder Dip Gurung -

Filmed on location in - Gorkha laprak, Nepal

Production year 2018 All rights reserved - Parichhed Sen

Director Parichhed Sen

Parichhed Sen is a Nepalese film director, writer, producer who predominantly works in Nepali cinema. Some of his work as a writer, director and producer can be seen in films like STRIKE, AKINCHAN and "MOTHER". He has written other films such as BAMKAJI and AGNIDAHAN. Sen has also worked as a chief assistant director in more than 40 Nepalese feature films since 2008. This includes films like MASAN, DHAULI, MALA, SETO BHAG, NAIN NA BHANNU LA 3, AGNIDAHAN, 3 LOVERS and SAFE LANDING to name a few.

His short movie "STRIKE" was awarded jury award in Aurora Picture Show's Extremely Short Film Festival USA in 2017. Best Audience Choice Award in SHORT OF THE YEAR - SPAIN , Best Editor in AFRICAN SMARTPHONE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Nigeria, and Best International Short Film in AFRICA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Nigeria.

Parichhed @ IMDB

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